COVId-19 information

Please read the following for a summary of the guidance from All England Netball and the UK Government in returning to training during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Links are provided at the bottom of the page for further information and reading.

Alice Humphries is our COVID officer and you can also approach any of the committee members should you have any questions or concerns. All information will be kept up to date on the Genesis Netball Club Website.

Car Sharing

Please can you remember when travelling to and from any Genesis Netball training etc that you cannot car share unless you live at the same address or are members of the same bubble.

Health Screening Checklist

Please make sure you have completed the following checklist BEFORE EVERY training session. If you answer YES to any of the questions you MUST NOT attend training. It is your responsibility to make sure you are well enough to attend training. Captains/Coach will ask for verbal confirmation that you have completed the checklist before you attend training or matches.

Download the Health Screening Checklist (PDF)

High Risk

Please read the personal risk assessment (PDF).
If you consider yourself to be HIGH RISK please speak to Alice before returning to training.

Understanding the Risks of Netball

Watch the England Netball video on the risks of COVID 19 in relation to netball
Please have a look but be assured everyone’s safety is our key priority and we have put measures in place to minimise the risks.

Rule Modification Poster and Video

England Netball have launched stage 4a on their road map which states netball can return under some new netball modification rules.
Please familiarise yourself with them with the above poster and video link.

Symptomatic Players

If a senior player becomes symptomatic at training they will be asked to leave immediately and source a COVID test and notify Alice with the results.

For the benefit of any under 18s; if you arrive at training and are displaying signs of COVID-19 you will be asked to leave training. Whilst awaiting collection by a parent or guardian you will be asked to put on a mask and stand away from all players. A member of the committee will wait with you until you have been collected, they will also be wearing PPE and will remain at a 2m distance from you.

Returning to training post COVID

Any player returning to training post COVID-19 please contact Alice before-hand

Restart Netball Guidance

View more information on the guidance to return to netball provided by England Netball.


Due to an attempt to minimise face to face contact, please communicate any safeguarding concerns to me via email
A conversation can then be had and if necessary we can arrange a time to meet face to face for further discussion, whilst wearing the appropriate PPE and remaining socially distant.